Data Recovery

We can help recover valuable and important data such as documents, files, photos, images, and music. The process generally takes 30 minutes to 6 hours depending upon the amount of data to recover. If your hard drive has crashed, we can run a free hardware diagnostic to determine if any data can be saved or salvaged.


Data Backup

Backing up your data protects valuable information. When trouble strikes, you can then recover lost files and continue working without delay. Without a backup, you're playing Russian Roulette. Power surges and sudden power loss, computer viruses, and hardware failure are the primary causes of data loss. It can happen at any time, to any one, on any computer. No one is exempt.

If Disaster Has Already Struck

If you've experienced a Logical Drive Crash or corruption, we can attempt data extraction. Data Recovery costs are dependant upon the specific type of extraction method required. Some data extractions can be performed within minutes, while others may take several days. If we can't extract the data you need to get back, you pay nothing!

The methods we use (and their associated cost) for data recovery depend upon the type and severity of damage to the physical and/or logical drives.

This is damage related to the hardware itself (internal and external). An example of this type of damage would be slamming the hard drive on concrete. To recover data from physical damage can be costly, requiring Clean-room facilities, ranging from $500 to $5,000 per hard disk drive.

This is damage to data (such as a boot partition) or other electronic information corruption. An example of this would be a virus that corrupted start-up files, user deleted files, or files corrupted by a sudden power outage (not properly shutting down your Windows). This is also know as a 'system crash', and is by far the most common type of damage, but yet the easiest to recover. Cost associated with this specialized Service can range from $40 to $300.

How to tell:
Physical or Logical? Only by using diagnostic equipment can a Certified Technician accurately determine which of the two have occurred. Diagnostics are free. Call us!