PC Computer Tune-Up

The PC Tune-Up is one of the most popular computer services we perform, on both desktops and laptops. Awesome service at an affordable price - $49 (complete, out-the-door). Our computer tuneup services includes virus and spyware removal, optimize Windows performance, repair Windows error messages, and much more. The average time to complete a PC Tune-Up is 6 to 24 hours.


Call us at (904)769-6596 today. Your PC will be fixed by tomorrow!

What's Included in the Tune Up?

Software Component

  • Install and configure premium Anti-virus and Anti-malware software with a lifetime license
  • Remove spyware, viruses, keyloggers, and unsafe toolbars/applications
  • Stop all unwanted pop-ups
  • Repair all Windows error messages
  • Repair "Low Virtual Memory" error messages
  • Repair freezing and lockup issues
  • Repair Blue Screen of Death problems
  • Install Windows Security Updates and Service Packs
  • Optimize boot-up and shut-down speeds
  • Delete all cookies, temporary files, and clear cache from software applications
  • Optimize Internet Explorer and web browser security settings
  • Manually scan system files and folders for errors and duplicate files
  • Provide a written report and certification of all the above.

Hardware Component

  • Diagnose memory and CPU usage
  • Stress Test all hardware - memory, CPU, hard drives, optical drives
  • Diagnose all hardware for proper functioning (including motherboard, hard drive(s), memory, cooling fans, optical drives, and CPU).
  • Clean and detail computer case
  • Provide a written report and certification of all the above.