Windows Installation

Installing a fresh Windows operating system will revive your PC performance to like new. We can professionally reinstall your Operating System (OS) that has crashed, become severely infected, hijacked, unstable, or damaged. Our service is not a mere "system restore" procedure, but rather a fresh and clean re-installation of your licensed Microsoft Windows operating system.

Cost: $49.00 Includes Microsoft Windows installation, set-up, configuration, and lots more.

What's Included?

Windows re-installation service (desktop and/or laptop) includes:

Use Genuine Microsoft Software
  • Backup contents of personal documents *(additional costs may apply)
  • Configure CMOS
  • Partition and format hard drive
  • Install and configure Microsoft Windows
  • Install hardware drivers
  • Install Windows updates
  • Install and configure supporting software (CD-burning software, DVD player, graphics editor, etc.)
  • Install and configure premium Anti-virus and/or Anti-malware
  • Diagnose all hardware for proper functioning

Optional Services -- FREE

  • additional desktop backgrounds
  • office productivity suite
  • DVD player/recorder software
  • image and graphics editor
  • ZIP file compression utility
  • and lots of other goodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What all do I need to bring with me?
1. The computer tower (we don't need any cables, cords, mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc.)
2. All software CD's (if you still have them). If lost, a replacement CD can most likely be obtained.

How much time does this take?
Typically within 24-hours, provided there are no additional issues.

Will I loose my personal data?
No. We can backup your documents, pictures, etc. Additional costs may apply for this service.

Will I loose software installed on my PC?
All software previously installed on your PC must be reinstalled. Prior to wiping out the hard drive we'll advise you of what software we can't replace and recommend appropriate alternatives.

Can you sell me a copy of the Operating System?
No. However if you have a valid Microsoft Windows Certificate Of Authenticity (COA) or License we can assist in locating/providing a replacement copy of the original software in accordance with your License Agreement. Alternatively a replacement copy of your OEM Operating System can be obtained from the manufacture and/or Microsoft.

LEGAL NOTICE: Microsoft, Microsoft Windows and the Microsoft Windows operating system interfaces are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft, Inc.